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Any suggestions? New or improvement ideas? Do you have a wish list? We would like to hear from you as soon as possible with any of suggestions you would like to share with us.

Please feel free to sent us an e-mail at any time and we will respond to you as soon as we can! Thanks!


Last time updated : Novmeber 20th, 2009



2009 - November 20th

How to do iPhone Application - SDKeasyWay

The purpose of this application is very simple: to give you a tool to design an iPhone application from scratch and to be able to sell this application to generate some income.

2009 estimates are: 40,000,000 iPhone and iPodTouch devices are sold all over the world

2012 estimates are: 80,000,000 iPhone and iPodTouch devices will be sold all over the world

There are some people making thousands a year or faster, by selling applications on iTunes Store.

There are companies who by selling some Game applications made more then 1,000,000 in their sales.

There are MANY people who make couple of thousand in sale each year starting simple and by selling more than 100 Application per week (equals to around 15 applications a day)

Nicely designed simple application can generate YOU consistent income for couple of years to come.

You can start right HERE even if you don’t have any programming experience.

This Application will teach you STEP by STEP:

• how much would you will need to invest and what do you need to start
• how can you create simple Application with YOUR content you would like to sell
• how to design your application step by step with great graphical explanation
• what kind of the sales can you expect (and more later on)
• what do you need to create games
• where to look for great resources on Internet
• shows you many more details, tips and tricks
• content of this Application is organized as follows:

- iPhone Market data
- Tools you need to begin
- How to create simple application for sale with the content you will choose
- How to create Tables
- How to create Windows
- How to incorporate Scroll Views into Windows

- How to create Tables - Details
- In 7 easy and graphically explained steps
- Build and go after, including the code completed at this step

- How to create Windows - Details
- In 6 easy and graphically explained steps
- Build and go, to show you where you are at

- How to incorporate Scroll Views - Details
- In 4 easy and graphically explained steps
- Build and go for finished Application

- Applications design tips - part 1
- Applications design tips - part 2
- Applications design tips - part 3

- Resources of recommended books
- Resources for great application code samples
- How to RENAME an Application

- How to create games
- Selected software available for games creation
- Sample of applications created by selected software packages

- Money you need to invest
- Your first paycheck and earnings estimates
- And more income later on
- A way to successful sales – true people stories
- Million dollar's sale Applications – true companies’ stories

2009 - September 6th


Design Data - Engineering Materials

This applications provides many data for different materials available in design engineering. Choose from:

- by specific gravity
- by density
- by module of elasticity
- by ultimate tensile strength
- by melting point of temperature
- by weldability
- by usage of material

- iron carbon phase diagram
- alloy steel
- carbon steel
- stainless steel
- austenic steel
- ferritic steel
- martensitic steel
- usage of steel

- codes of aluminum alloys
- codes of tempers
- usage of aluminum alloys

... and MANY more metals, as well as:

- composite - types
- composite - processes
- facts and properties for fiberglass
- facts and properties for resin

... and MANY more engineering materials design data.


2009 - August 8th


Galvanic Corrosion

Are you a boat builder, or a sailor, or marine engineer?
Are you building e new house or repairing old one?
Are you building or designing an airplane?
Are you designer, or an engineer?
Do you work with metals?

Then you have seen corrosion often ...
... and this application is designed for YOU.

Learn how to select correctly compatible material to avoid galvanic corrosion and save thousand of $$$ avoiding repairs, replacement and malfunctions later in the future.

Many users were asking for this guide, and we listen to them.

We hope you enjoy it!

2009 - July 4th


Bolt & Nut AERO and Flights

Bolt and Nut Aerospace is a tool for engineers, mechanics and flight personnel who need quick reference for the most used aerospace fasteners.

Slide and press to get data for:

The most used fasteners
Tap drill chart Clearance holes for bolts and nuts
UNF thread data

MS screw MS 24693
MS screw MS 24694
MS screw MS 27039
MS screw MS 35190
MS screw MS 35206
... and more

MS nut MS 21042
MS nut MS 21043
MS nut MS 21047
MS nut MS 21055
MS nut MS 21059
... and more


2009 - June 3th



has been released, and immediatelly become very popular !!!

"We went to the moon with slide rules"
Norman Chaffee

Then the HP-35 calculator came in 1972, and slide rule dissapeared.

Almost 40 years after we will go to the moon again. Take the slide rule with you.

Just in case ... On Iphone.

This slide rule has 12 scale configuration, and allows multiplication, division, sines, tangents, roots, squares, logarithms and more. Help on "how to use it" is also avialable. Simple to undestrand, and fun to use. Use scrolling of top and bottom rule, middle one and the slider. Easy to navigate. We hope you will enjoy it!

2009 - April 29th



Finally, after small delay our 1st application from couple of more coming soon, has been submitted to Itune for approval, and it is now avialable from Itunes. Please look up for uConvert .

Click here, if you would like to check it out directly on Itunes!

We have also decided to create small Tutorial on How our application has been created, since we found out from our experience, that many detaills on "how to" SDK are not easally accessible, especially for people who would like to start with basic and create their applications from scratch.

Please check back our site soon, and look for uAPPTutorial to find information on How to create simple Table, on How to create scrolling images with different sizes, and How to load and create different multiply views in your applications (so called nib files)


2009 - February 10th


It's with our great pleasure that we announce launch of our web site uASSiSTme.com and availability of our first Iphone Web Application:

Convert me Lite

We believe that with our applications we will greatly contribute to society of mathematics, engineering, manufacturing, and create leadership in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and partly also in financial field for ordinarily citizens.

We consider Iphone and Itouch to be great new tools which can implement many ideas, references so needed in daily life, together, into ONE TOOL BOX for an ordinarily person, or machinist, or an engineer and students all over the world. We strongly feel that Iphone and Itouch have the power to revolutionize the access to many tools so much neded in daily lives.

At the same time we do not forget to have some rest and fun time, and we will be developing, some application for fun as well.

Shortly we will be developing and launching couple of different Iphone and Itouch applications which can be used in your daily work and free time.

Please visit our home page to learn more about our current applications and tools.



2009 - January 26th

Today we gladly announce the registration of our web site uASSiSTme.com

We shortly expect to launch our web site and we will also create out "Light" Web version of our first Iphone and Itouch Web application Convert me Pro.

Please stay tune for more!

2008 - December 15th

We announce the KICK OFF and we are starting to work on our web site called uASSiSTme.com

It's ALL
happening!!! ... and we are very excited about our current and future projects.

We will provide you with an update on our web site soon!